Hi. I’m Ken. I love travelling. Live it. Breathe it.  When I was 15 I had to take a job but I have always took as many holidays as I was allowed. Since I retired I have ramped up my time away. Big style. I made 10 trips in my first year of doing nothing. It’s gonna be more in 2018. If I’m not travelling I’m planning future trips. The bucket list grows apace. My daughter bought me ‘1000 Places To See Before You Die,’ a book by Patricia Schultz. I was surprised to see how many of those places I have visited and, as I’m still alive, I’m taking Patricia’s guide lines and running with it.

I’m not exactly on a budget but I do like a bargain and always get value whether it’s 5 star resorts or humble home stays. my philosophy is, the less you pay the further you can go.

I sometimes travel alone, sometimes with The Little Nurse whos motto is ‘we love a back alley’

The blog is a sort of journal of my travels with a few relevant articles about travel in general. I hope you like it.