Camino Two: 8, Lentils Are The New Steaks.

I set off with my itchy skin and made for Cardenuela Riopico. I didn’t know anything about this village other than it was 25 km away and the last place to stop before Burgos, a further 12 km on. So a good hike then. I hadn’t built any rest days into my loose plan and I’m trucking along a bit, trying to steal an extra day to rest up in Leon. Well I say rest up, but if you know me, have read my blog, or have been to Leon then you will have already substituted the words ‘rest up’ with ‘party down’. Continue reading “Camino Two: 8, Lentils Are The New Steaks.”

Camino 4: The Kid Reed and the Walking Competition

After the previous nights’ shenanigans I was pleased no one was around when I woke up. After a quick shower I snuck out, stealthily, like a ninja, and got back on the road. More walking. I always thought that the thing I would hate most, if I ever turned into a Zombie, would be all the walking. But it’s not too bad.
To be honest this is not the best I’ve ever felt. I couldn’t find coffee and the next village was 8km away. It took me two hours to get there, Boadilla del Camino. The coffee hit the spot. I filled up my water bottles and marched on. Continue reading “Camino 4: The Kid Reed and the Walking Competition”