Malaysia: 1, KL, When is the dry season?


We planned a trip. Malaysia. First time for us. The itinerary after a lot of tweaking ended up like this. :

  • Kuala Lumpur, for the city buzz and the food.
  • Malacca, for the history and the food.
  • Penang, for the architecture and the food.
  • Langkawi, for the beach and the food.

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Cambodia 2: Angkor Wat

My famous trademark hat blew off in the tuk tuk. The driver pulled over but the hat was long gone. If you’re visiting soon and you see a spiffily turned out monkey you will know where he got his hat. Next stop the hat stand. I bought a replica for 6 dollars after a 20 minute haggle. Yes 20 minutes. I never give in. Continue reading “Cambodia 2: Angkor Wat”

Cambodia 1: Siem Reap for us. Luggage in Bangkok

Is there a sadder sight than five or six passengers hanging around a recently emptied baggage carousel where the passing of time is marked by the continuing circuit of a solitary dilapidated bag belonging to none of them. Being the most realistic of the disappointed travellers gathered thus, I pushed off to the lost luggage desk. The service was South East Asian. They look as if they don’t care. They look as if there is no system. They look as if this situation has never before happened. But there are wheels within wheels, and, after a few questions, you are handed a handwritten scrap of paper bearing an unfeasibly long reference number and sent on your way. Continue reading “Cambodia 1: Siem Reap for us. Luggage in Bangkok”

The Road to Hue

Once again no transport problems. I had booked a taxi the day before and now turned up at the agency yards from the hotel. They shoved me in with another guy who had also booked the day before. So we had both paid for the same taxi. Hey ho. Sometimes you’re the dog, sometimes you’re the lamppost. Continue reading “The Road to Hue”